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Bespoke booking solutions enable your business to grow and eliminate booking fees

Online Booking System And Bespoke Booking Software.

We build bespoke booking solutions to work with our customers' sales, operations and financial requirements. The result is optimum sales increases and reduced costs. Get in contact to learn how we can help your business.

Logic Replace has always been the most sought after company for quality booking solutions. Highly advanced but easy to use, our exclusive booking systems are used by numerous tour and activity companies. Our versatile and efficient online booking system solution is the perfect match for any business website. We always maintain high quality in any challenging assignment. A detailed understanding of the requirements and timely delivery of the projects are the reasons our clients keep coming back to us for more services for their websites. The bespoke software developed by our proficient team gives all our clients the opportunity to increase their sales without paying costly recurring booking engine fees.

Unlike hosted booking engines there is no recurring payment involved with our applications because the solution is bespoke. Each and every bespoke booking system is capable of operating smoothly on the client’s website. What makes Logic Replace the best in the market is the fact that our online booking software is highly adaptable to change and can be customized to suit any unique requirements. It is also much easier to adapt to any sales strategies with our booking solution.

We at Logic Replace believe that a booking system should be a reflection of the brand. Our team will ensure that your system is flexible, user-friendly, intuitive and has the look and feel of your brand. Automated back office tasks and timely generation of critical reports make things much easier for our clients. Another unique aspect of our booking and scheduling software is that unlike a hosted booking solution it is not fixed and can cater to all your specific pricing and sales needs. Let our highly experienced team develop a customised booking solution for your business and benefit from reduced operational costs and enhanced bookings sales!

Don't Take it From Us

Here’s what our customers have to say about our booking solutuins

Diego Alonso (CEO) Spanish Guitar, Chicago

Logic Replacement did a great job turning my website design ideas into a live website as a custom fit to my online business goals.  Thank you for all your help and hard work!

Mark McFerran (Marketing Manager) Duffy’s Circus, Ireland

Logic Replace did an outstanding job of planning and building our new booking website. We were dealt with in a professional and friendly manner and our website was delivered on time and within budget. We had very complex booking requirements and Logic Replace exceeded our expectations.

Dawson Flinchbaugh (Director of Marketing) Veritas Instrument Rental Inc, Florida

I was pleased with Logic Replace's level of understanding of my needs and the various existing systems we already had in place. My requests for assistance, updates and various tweaks since have been met with the same tenacity as when you were prospecting for the project. Our online offering has been a great success. I would surely recommend your services to anyone in need of quality work.

James Anderson PDP Conferences, London

The Logic Replace team bring high levels of technical ability and attention to detail to any web-project. From the outset, they understood our needs and delivered exactly what we were hoping for within an agreed timescale. The final product is sleek, professional and offers an enjoyable experience for the end-user. I absolutely have no hesitation in recommending LR as their team of web-professionals have given us a commercial edge in our field.

Is Your Business Growth Limited By Your Booking Solution?

Here are some common issues we hear about

Sales Plans Restricted By Booking Engine

Hosted booking solutions are fixed, its impossible to change anything to cater for your specific sales needs.

Reports For Bookings Are Weak

Every business is different and it's likely your booking system is not giving you critical reports to help you improve your ticket sales.

Ticket Pricing Not Matching Business Model

There are thousands of ways to price a ticket. Is your booking system forcing you to work with limited pricing policies?

Agents' Bookings Are Limited

Agents want to sell your tickets. Is your booking system allowing them to sell and work within your unique business model.

Payment Gateways Not Available

Is your booking provider limiting the currencies, gateway and merchant account you can use?

User Interface Is Fixed and Inflexible

Are you buyers linked away from your site to a hosted platform to book? Are the booking steps outside of your control to change?

Back Office Tasks Take Too Long

Admin staff working on manual processes that should be automated?

Hosted Booking Engine Fees Too High

Hosted booking engines typically charge per booking, for high volume booking sites this can be expensive.

Some Of Our Bespoke Booking Projects. All our solutions are bespoke and run on our customers' own sites and have no booking fees

Benefits of Our Booking Solutions

Fast to make changes

You request a change, its not going to take weeks or months to get it working. Our solution allows us to quickly deploy and test changes in days or less. So your sales are optimized.

Boost ticket sales

Your sales strategy needs to adapt to its market environment. Our booking solution adapts with you so you meet your window of opportunity every time.

Your booking brand

Your customers expect your brand to be visible when they are booking. Our solution will 100% match your brand's look and feel.

No booking fees

We develop the solution for you. So when bookings are made there is no per booking fee to pay.

Find out how to increase bookings sales and reduce operating costs.

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