API Integration & Development

API Development and Integration


An API is an agreed definition and protocol that allows two systems to communicate and to perform some pre-defined commands or tasks. API stands for application programming interface.

An API allows one product or service to interface with another without needing to know how the other system works. The API is an interface that makes use of security and commands with a protocol to receive commands and to respond with data or status values.

APIs are like formal agreements between 2 systems. If one system sends a certain command then the remote system sees the command and responds accordingly.

Representational state transfer is a method that sets rules for developing web services. These are call REST standing for “Representational State Transfer”.

API integration and development services

Logic Replace provides API integration and development services. We have created custom APIs from scratch for booking applications and inventory management systems.

We have also worked on the following APIs:

Booking APIs

Our Booking experience covers over 8 years of work. In that time we completed projects with many booking related developments and also created and defined a booking API for custom applications for our clients to allow tour agents to interface with a booking engine remotely. We also integrated the API for TeamUp between a custom booking engine we developed for The Playground UK and allocating bookings to team members in TeamUp.

GoogleMap API

Using the Google Map API we have completed projects for Get On The Trail in the USA and also for real estate sites showing properties on a map as the user moves around an area or country.

Google Calendar API

The Google calendar API applications we have worked on include a removals company that required bookings to be added from a website form direct to the calendar.

Twitter API

We have worked with the Twitter API for a number of projects including the extraction of video clips from Tweets and saving the video files for our client.

Facebook API

The Facebook Graph API application we have worked on includes the application for the publication of hotel information in Facebook.

Instagram API

For Instagram, we have used the Instagram API to extract analytics from Instagram and store the data in a remote web application database with reporting capability. These reports can then be filtered and displayed and printed or exported to CSV or Excel formats.

YouTube API

Our YouTube API projects include one that allowed a web application to create video playlists on YouTube and to then upload videos directly from the web application to YouTube. The projects also grabbed the statistics for the YouTube videos and presented them in a dashboard.

WordPress API

We have completed projects to interface with WordPress API data. An example is to send data captured in WordPress forms direct to an external server that is used as a mass email sending server.

MailChimp API

The most common MailChimp application for the MailChimp API is updating mailing lists from website form submissions from web pages. The API code needs to check if the user submitting the email address and the name has previously submitted their details.

Dropbox API

Our application of the DropBox API was to periodically check the status of storage of back-up files within DropBox as a way to check that back-ups were completed successfully and if not to alert the users.

Paypal API

We have worked on many PayPal integrations for eCommerce sites related to payments for goods and services.

Stripe API

Like PayPal we have completed many projects with Stripe’s API and we have also created standalone Stripe payment pages to allow users to enter amounts and card details to complete payments.


Logic Replace has an extensive API background and we feel comfortable working with any of the above APIs or any that we have not worked with yet. Our developers typically require a day or two to get up to speed with any new API.

Get in contact with us to discuss your API project.