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Custom booking solution

Built to your unique requirements

Any booking function.

Any booking integration.

Any booking report.

  • Rapid custom booking development
  • Built to your exact needs
  • No restrictions on booking functions, integration and reporting
  • Cost effective with rapid ROI for your business
  • Over 200 development projects delivered over 16 years.

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    What our clients say

    For 16 years, hundreds of happy clients are glad they chose our
    custom booking solution.

    “Logic Replace did an
    outstanding job of planning and
    building our new custom
    booking website.”

    Mark McFerran

    Duffys Circus

    “Logic Replace built a bespoke
    booking system for us. The
    result has exceeded my

    Philippa Smith

    Assault Your Senses Ltd

    “Logic Replace provides us
    with ongoing excellent custom
    solutions for over 10 years, such
    as our Patient Portal &
    Appointment System.”

    Roman Kleyman

    Electronic Billing & Management Inc

    Logic Replace, why select us?

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    It'a all about our clients
    Our principal aim is to help you, our customer.

    We bend over backwards to ensure we provide total value for your business.

    Innovative solutions
    We are proud that we work hard to understand the issues our customers face.
    Responsive support
    When our customers ask questions, we usually respond the same day.
    Long term clients
    We have customers with whom we started working in 2010.

    Most of our customers are long-term.

    Our long-term relationships exemplify that we work in our customer's best interests and must be doing something right!

    Super skills
    We have a small team that has super skills.

    Our skills are project management, system design, AI programming, web development and design and testing.

    Our attractive price
    We offer a competitive price for the service that we provide.

    We consider our prices to offer great value.

    What our custom booking solutions can do for you

    Our Apollo AI Booking Solution is our baseline web-based platform. We copy this for every new project and make changes to meet your exact requirements. Our approach therefore saves time.

    The solution has four main elements. Any possible requirements can be delivered, including eCommerce integration, integration to your existing website, alternative non-web bookings, AI or rules to automate processes or offers to buyers, and integration to any external systems such as CRMs, finance systems etc.

    Overview of Apollo AI Booking Solution

    What you can expect with Logic Replace


    • It can appear to be a daunting proposition starting a new booking development. We are here to help you gain clarity.
    • We facilitate consultation sessions to discuss your issues or pains and explore them so we can all be clear about the needs.
    • We then assist in prioritizing the needs to help you determine what is required as a project's first phase.


    • Once we have clarity surrounding the needs, we outline our solution to address every need.
    • We take time to ensure you are clear on how our proposed solution meets all of your needs.


    • When the clarity and solutions phases are completed, we document them in a proposal for your to review and approve.


    • Once the proposal is approved, we will commence working on the project for you.
    • We provide regular project updates and allow access to the system we are working on so you can track our progress.


    • When everything is working and approved, we make the solution live and retest everything.


    • When the developed solution is live, we always provide ongoing support.

    Why we are different



    We spend time before we are are formally engaged to understand all your needs and business pains. Once we are clear then we tell you what the solution will be so we fully meet all of your exact needs.



    We love to learn all about your business and in many cases we make innovative suggestions to help your business improve and grow. We like to be considered as part of your team and will always serve with your best interests as our priority.



    Our Apollo AI Booking Solution allows to to have a head start for every project, resulting in a rapid project from start to end. Unlike other providers, we offer a fully custom solution with no limitations.



    We consider our prices to be fair and generally less than our main competititors in terms of what we offer. We consider our prices to be fair and generally less than our main competititors in terms of what we offer.



    Our team are very responsive and after your custom booking solution is live we are on hand to provide assitance and support. We can also make changes to the solution to meet any changing needs.

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    Get in contact so we can schedule a friendly
    chat to discuss your booking needs!