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Custom portal


Custom Portal Development

Logic Replace can develop a custom portal that will meet any unique requirements.

Our custom portals consolidate our clients’ disparate systems and operations into a single database-driven portal.
Our existing customers previously used paper, email, Excel, Access and legacy platforms.

  • We deliver custom portals fitting into varied corporate environments and infrastructures
  • We integrate siloed services and applications into a consolidated and secure web ecosystem
  • We upgrade and enhance outdated and ineffective portal solutions or their components.

Logic Replace develops portals of all types to provide dynamic web experience and overall functional capacity to enterprises, their customers and partners.

Our portal developers have engineering skills and business touch to create reliable solutions that help companies manage their internal and external interactions, connect users and content, and facilitate operational activities while making them more engaging.

We deliver multipurpose enterprise portals, corporate intranets, extranets, and user-centric workplaces with rich collaboration capabilities, automated workflows, and built-in analytics to address the broadest range of business needs.

As a web portal development company, Logic Replace builds adaptable solutions to power end users regardless of the technologies at their disposal. With this, we focus on performance and security to ensure our portals are stable and protected across devices and platforms.


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Customer Portals

Our technological solutions connect businesses with their customers through extensive features, including facilitated product and service discovery, ongoing multichannel communication, and secure transactions coupled with appealing UIs.

We handle customer portal development to improve self-service metrics, reduce the overall cost of customer servicing, and ensure long-term customer loyalty.

Ecommerce Portals

We assist companies with eCommerce portal development and launch multi-vendor marketplaces, trade portals, auctions, bidding platforms, eCommerce aggregators, and custom solutions.

We help our customers win the race with optimized user journeys, secure payment options, AR/VR, and AI-powered eCommerce features that drive shoppers’ satisfaction and overall business growth.

B2B Portals

Logic Replace builds B2B portals that serve as secure hubs for enterprises and their partners to organize barrier-free cooperation through the right balance of features.

B2B portal development is the way for companies to foster their business processes, streamline secured transactions, and establish fruitful partnerships based on transparent workflows and knowledge sharing.

Intranet Portals

Be it document-centric collaboration, project management, or internal and external teams networking. Logic Replace takes up intranet portal development to meet your specific collaboration needs.

We build custom and platform-based portals from scratch, considering both functional and financial considerations and optimizing and supporting deployed intranets throughout their lifecycle.

Media Portals

Logic Replace offers media portal development for advanced content management and distribution. We provide our customers with suitable technological solutions to support new ways of digital traffic monetization, viewer engagement, and management of exponentially growing digital assets.

We also combine it with powerful media analytics for data-driven decision-making.

Patient Portals

With a rich experience in healthcare portal development, we provide patients with handy toolsets to stay proactive in their medical treatment.

Along with making patient-physician interactions more dynamic and controllable, our portals help healthcare organizations improve their clinical and administrative operations and reach better outcomes.

Travel Portals

By going for travel portal development with Logic Replace, companies get a powerful medium to bring positive travel experiences to their customers and stand out in a competitive travel market.

From must-have booking and billing capabilities to sophisticated AR and VR-enabled guided tours, we pack our solutions with features that meet market demands and appeal to end-users.

Vendor Portals

We build tailored portals for enterprises and their suppliers to enable collaborative supply chains, simplified accounting and financial control, and visibility of vendors’ performance.

Through vendor portal development, we help companies set up easier vendor onboarding and management, translating into more effective procurement and suppliers’ self-sufficiency.