Online Ticketing System

Online Ticketing System Image

Simplify communications with your customers with our online ticketing system. Integrated ticketing systems enhance customer loyalty and engagement and allow you to streamline your operations by keeping all customer communications in one place. They make your business look more professional and engender trust in the website.

Our ticketing system can be integrated into any website and allows customers to register, login and raise tickets. These tickets will be sent to an Administration backend which will allow all of your customer services team to see and answer them. This means that every ticket is available to all service agents and they can easily see which ones have been answered saving you time and money and enhancing the customer experience.

Our ticketing system also sends a copy of each message to the customer’s email address so they can answer without having to log in to the website, all such messages are still captured within the Administration backend. You can also attach files to the messages or emails.

This system is ideal for :-

Helpdesk – Users can create support tickets which will be received instantly by your helpdesk agents. They can be prioritised so Urgent ones can be dealt with first.
Pre-sales – Users can inquire about your goods and services and you can use this engagement to build trust and help close the sale.

Customer service – For online businesses it is important to be accessible and offer best in class customer service. Our online ticketing system allows users to raise inquiries about, for instance, delivery status, change of address etc. Responding to these types of queries promptly is known to boost customer satisfaction and increases the chances of them becoming a repeat customer.

You can separate yourself from your competitors by integrating our online ticketing system into your site.