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Custom inventory portal linking

Shopify and warehouse



Bundlee rents baby clothes. A Shopify eCommerce website processes orders. Bundlee also has a warehouse and logistics operation but they had no connection between the orders from the website to the warehouse.

Logic Replace custom developed the Bundlee Inventory Management System or IMS.

The purpose of the IMS is to ensure products that appear on the Shopify website are currently in stock and to track where every item is using RFID codes on every SKU.

Rental customers return bundles of clothes and then receive a new bundle with a new size for the growing baby.

As items are returned the IMS tracks the inventory back into stock. The system also monitors the Royal Mail tracking service to give notice that a customer has a bundle of clothes in transit to the warehouse.

Extensive operations reports are provided by the IMS.


Developed secure web-based custom admin dashboard
API interface to and from Shopify
Developed API to interface with Xedo
Interfaced to Royal Mail tracking
Products and categories manager
Import products manager
Orders manager
Inventory manager
Reports manager with 8 operations reports with charts/graphs

Custom admin dashboard
Custom admin dashboard
Custom admin dashboard

The experience working with Logic Replace to create our inventory management software has been great! They understood our unique needs very quickly and were able to apply this to the features of the software. They have consistently provided a high level of service – in their response time, their execution speed and the quality of their work. I would highly recommend working with Paul and the team.

Eve, FounderBundlee