Remote Fiery

The EFI Fiery server is used by our UK customer Hammond Gower as part of their print production process.

The Fiery API works with external remote servers but assumes the remote server will also send the file that requires printing. These files are large being in excess of 25 Mbytes each. Printing thousands of files a day would not be practical if the Fiery server needed to download every file from the external server. Logic Replace developed an extension to the Fiery API to allow an external web based server to send print jobs to the Fiery server without the need to also send very large files. We created a process so all print files are stored on the local Fiery servers. Then we created a new master control API that connects the remote server with custom software on the Fiery server.

The custom software on the Fiery server then interfaces with the existing Fiery API.

What We Did

Project Management, Custom Development


This project required creative problem solving by Logic Replace to have two APIs layered on top of each other to provide a practical solution. It is an excellent example of how we can create working custom developments.