Transax Safe ID

We had a unique requirement from (RFH) a company in the USA that rents musical instruments to school children. They have a number of affiliates throughout the country who sign up buyers who are then charged monthly rentals by credit or debit cards. 

The system that they suggested was to make their affiliates enter the customer and payment details on a paper form and then send this to RFH through the physical post. However, this would not work as they did not wish to hold the payment details on their website or send them through the post. The solution that we came up with was to create a new web page where the buyer/affiliate could enter the relevant card details. These were sent via the Transax Gateway to the RFH Transax Safe where they were stored. Transax created a Safe ID which was linked to the card details and sent back to the RFH website which issued a confirmation email to the affiliate and buyer.

When RFH needed to charge the card manually through a Virtual Terminal they simply entered the SafeID and this charged the card. This meant that RFH never had access to the card’s details and was therefore much more secure.

What We Did

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I was pleased with Logic Replace’s level of understanding of my needs and the various existing systems we already had in place. My requests for assistance, updates and various tweaks since have been met with the same tenacity as when you were prospecting for the project.

Our online offering has been a great success. I would surely recommend your services to anyone in need of quality work.

Dawson Flinchbaugh, Director of Marketing, Veritas Instrument Rental Inc