Veritas - e-Learning for Affiliates

Logic Replace developed the Veritas University or Veritas-U. Veritas-U allows the many affiliates of Veritas to be trained and tested before they are allowed to represent Veritas for the rental of musical instruments mainly to school students. Veritas trades as Rent From Home.

What We Did

Logic Replace developed a custom online training and testing web-based solution

The system administration:

  • Courses manager
  • Exam manager
  • Questions manager (multiple-choice, fill in blank etc)
  • Video media manager
  • Affiliates’ manager
  • Course tracking to see who did what course and results, times etc

The affiliates’ interface:

  • Online training course dashboard
  • Run any assigned training course
  • Run any assigned examination
  • Exams are set for a time limit
  • Can see results
  • Personalised PDF certificate



I was pleased with Logic Replace’s level of understanding of my needs and the various existing systems we already had in place. My requests for assistance, updates and various tweaks since have been met with the same tenacity as when you were prospecting for the project.

Our online offering has been a great success. I would surely recommend your services to anyone in need of quality work.

Dawson Flinchbaugh, Director of Marketing, Veritas Instrument Rental Inc

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