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Custom web developments that

transform vision to value

We’re a professional web development company that develops custom booking solutions, custom ai development, custom portals, custom web applications and custom website designs

Trusted for 16 years by our customers

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We’re a web agency that is responsive, cost-effective and generates creative web solutions.

Our team of 12 are all dedicated to being fully integrated within our customers’ business. Delivering a range of digital solutions.

We understand our customers’ unique businesses and guide and recommend the most efficient and innovative solutions.

In our 16th year of operation, we have offices in London UK and Sandford USA.

We guide our customers with unique strategies that form solid project implementations that allow growth and change.

We use our creativity and innovation to ensure your business meets its goals.

To get to your goal, you could need any of these services…

We develop custom booking solutions.

Our custom solutions have NO limits regarding what we can create for you.

Are you constrained by your Saas provider or plugin?

Perhaps a custom booking solution will help.

Learn about our custom booking development

Take your business to a new level with the ability to gain new insights or operational efficiencies by utilizing AI and machine learning.

AI opens new and varied opportunities, and our AI and machine learning skills can help you get up and running with tangible business benefits.

Learn about our custom ai development

We develop custom portal solutions.

Our custom portal customers tell us that their complex processes and operations were more efficient and delivered insightful management reports to help make better decisions.

Learn about our custom portal development

We develop custom web applications that fully meet your needs.

When an off-the-shelf solution is not meeting your needs, then we can help.

Our project managers and developers can work with you to identify your needs and deliver a fully custom solution.

Learn about our custom web development

We provide web services for website design, digital marketing, native app development, web hosting, domain names and web support services.

Learn about our custom web services

Logic Replace did an outstanding job of planning and building our new booking website. We had very complex booking requirements and Logic Replace exceeded our expectations.


Why select us

Logic Replace has been developing custom web solutions for over 16 years. We have many long-term customers who trust us to work on the mission-critical solutions we created.

Because of our long experience, we can quickly understand your business process and how your operations work. We create innovative solution concepts.

Logic Replace LLC team meeting in the office

We always discuss solutions in terms of your business and not based on the technical aspects of the solutions. Our solutions always consider the following steps to cater for capacity and scaling.

Our solutions are always defined to the right level of detail to enable our team to fully develop a system to meet your needs. Our project managers and developers test and retest everything to ensure the requirements are fully working and available on time.

Once our solutions are completed and operational, we are available for ongoing support, maintenance and change requests.

The systems we develop for our clients are free from ongoing licensing, and our development service is reasonably priced.

  • Logic Replace will quickly understand your unique needs
  • We create innovative solution concepts
  • Rapid development with project management
  • Logic Replace has been operating for over 16 years
  • Trusted by many long-term customers
  • Experts for custom booking, portal, and web solutions
  • Reasonable prices
  • No ongoing license fees