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Custom inventory portal linking

Shopify and warehouse



Bundlee is a baby clothing rental company that aims to provide parents with a more sustainable and affordable way to dress their little ones. To facilitate the rental process, Bundlee uses a Shopify eCommerce website to process orders. Customers can browse and select the clothes they need, choose the rental period, and place orders online.

However, until recently, Bundlee’s website and its warehouse and logistics operation were not connected. This meant that orders placed on the website had to be manually processed and fulfilled by the warehouse team. As a result, there was a risk of errors and delays in the order fulfillment process, which could potentially lead to dissatisfied customers.

To address this issue, Bundlee decided to integrate its website with its warehouse and logistics operation. This integration allows orders to be automatically sent to the warehouse, where they can be quickly processed and fulfilled. The integration also provides customers with real-time updates on their orders, allowing them to track their packages from the moment they are shipped until they arrive at their doorstep.

By connecting its website to its warehouse and logistics operation, Bundlee has streamlined its rental process, improved efficiency, and enhanced the customer experience.

Logic Replace custom developed the Bundlee Inventory Management System or IMS.

The Inventory Management System (IMS) is a crucial tool that serves the purpose of managing and monitoring the availability of products listed on the Shopify website. Its primary objective is to ensure that the products are always in stock, and customers can readily purchase them.

The IMS achieves this by keeping track of the inventory levels of every item using RFID codes on each Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). This process of inventory tracking enables the system to accurately determine the quantity of each product available in real-time, as well as their precise location within the warehouse. With this information, the IMS can also predict demand trends and help merchants make informed decisions regarding restocking their inventory.

By ensuring that the products are always available and easy to locate, the IMS can enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Parents who rent clothes for their growing baby can easily return their current bundle of clothes and receive a new bundle with a different size. The Inventory Management System (IMS) keeps track of all returned items and adds them back into the stock. This ensures that the stock is up-to-date and ready for the next customer. Moreover, the system closely monitors the Royal Mail tracking service to let the warehouse know when a customer’s bundle of clothes is in transit. This ensures that the warehouse can be prepared to receive the bundle and process it efficiently. With this comprehensive system in place, parents can rest assured that they will receive the right size of clothes for their baby without any hassle.

Extensive operations reports are provided by the IMS.


Developed secure web-based custom admin dashboard
API interface to and from Shopify
Developed API to interface with Xedo
Interfaced to Royal Mail tracking
Products and categories manager
Import products manager
Orders manager
Inventory manager
Reports manager with 8 operations reports with charts/graphs

Custom admin dashboard of Bundlee website
Custom admin product sections of Bundlee website
Custom admin reports section of Bundlee website

The experience working with Logic Replace to create our inventory management software has been great! They understood our unique needs very quickly and were able to apply this to the features of the software. They have consistently provided a high level of service – in their response time, their execution speed and the quality of their work. I would highly recommend working with Paul and the team.Double close quote in a testimonial of Bundlee.

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