The Problem

  • Previous booking engine inflexible
  • Previous booking engine too expensive to change.

Duffy’s Circus operates across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Before using Logic Replace the business had a bespoke booking system that worked but was very costly and time consuming to change.

Bespoke solutions are ideal for many businesses but the whole life cycle costs needs to be evaluated before starting out with a new vendor.

The problem Duffy had was their previous system was too expensive and too time consuming to change. They had a system that was meeting their needs when it was built.

But months later when marketing wanted to add special discount codes that can cover 2 seat bookings; then they realized the solution they had was not viable.

Marketing had new and ever changing requirements for campaigns but the cost to implement changes in the booking engine were very difficult to justify. The other main problem was the long time to implement the changes.

The Solution

Duffy’s Circus started to look for a new booking solution. The hosted booking providers were evaluated but they decided they were too limited in terms of functions and not able to be adapted to changing marketing needs.

Also the hosted booking providers were considered an expensive option, some charging 6% for every ticket sold.

Also Duffy’s Circus was not happy with hosted booking providers because they are “off-site” meaning the customer’s booking is directed away to the booking provider’s website for the booking steps and payment.

“Bookings have increased by over 250% since we used the Logic Replace bookings solution.”

Duffy’s Circus selected the Logic Replace solution for the following reasons:

  • Provider with 10 years’ track record, experts in bespoke booking solutions
  • Very responsive project management and support
  • Ability to quickly update the booking engine and website to meet marketing needs.

The booking solution created by Logic Replace for Duffy’s Circus went live in 2012. Since then there have been over 80 change requests; on average approx 20 changes per year are requested, developed, tested and deployed to the bespoke Duffy’s Circus booking system.

These 20 changes per year have allowed Duffy to adapt their booking functions and user experience to maximize bookings sales and derive tangible and intangible benefits.

The Duffy’s Circus website processes the vast majority of the daily bookings for 2 performances a day. Thousands of bookings a week are processes using the Logic Replace booking solution.

“Changes used to take 4 to 5 weeks, we now see changes in days allowing us to meet changing demands and benefit sooner.”

Solution Features

  • Dual currency (Euro and Pound) for pricing and events based on location
  • Assign an event as a special offer event with lower prices for less popular dates
  • Separate group bookings url for group discounts
  • Allow VIP pass holders to book additional tickets via VIP url
  • Define seating areas and seating rows
  • Define pricing based on seating areas
  • Customers can book individual seats for every event
  • Assign special or blanket pricing
  • Link events to discount codes
  • Early-bird pricing thresholds, cheaper if booked early
  • Post-event survey sent by email after event
  • Survey reporting for customer feedback
  • Secure payments using Sagepay, buyer stays on website
  • Step based simple booking process
  • Mobile friendly booking steps
  • Integrated email marketing for opt-in customers
  • Integrated blog for content marketing
  • Rapid change process, some changes are done same day or next day

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Date Started2012
CustomerDuffy's Circus Ireland
SkillsOnline Bookings