The Problem

Tour agency Destination Lauderdale is an agent that consolidates a number of third party tours and attractions in the Fort Lauderdale area. The agency required a solution that will provide a tour, attraction and bus shuttle booking facility.

For attractions the customer will visit the attraction directly. But for tours and shuttle bus services customers require picking-up. The pick-up locations are based on a preferred list of hotels and venues. A customer making a booking can then select a date and time and select a pick-up location.

Tours also need a frequency setting for the schedules. Additionally the tours required blanket periods when no tours will operate. This was to cater for the agency owners and staff who sometimes needed to not take bookings for any tours between two specific dates.

The payments for the tours required secure integration with the gateway Authorize.

The Solution

The solution included an admin function to define any categories such as day trips, shuttle bus, attractions, tours etc. So the agency management could add or change categories at any time.

Pick-up points such as hotels can be added or edited. When defining a tour, it can be linked to any pick-up points and then a time period is entered. The time period is the time before the start of the tour and allows the system to calculate the time the booking customer will be picked-up.

The availability for each tour can be preset and prevents overbooking because tours that are full can no longer be booked.

For shuttle bookings the admin can define the minimum number per booking and also the maximum number of persons per booking. The exact required time for the booking can also be determined by the customer.

The shuttle operates certain hours each day, so the admin user can define the active booking hours each day, for example 4am to 10pm. This prevents bookings that cannot be serviced.

Any number of bookings can be made. So a customer on holiday could book say four tours, one attraction and a shuttle bus to the airport, all by using the cart and checkout and making one secure credit card payment.

The Benefits

The tour agency now has a robust working booking platform and website that is, every day, attracting bookings and orders.

The agency sells tours, attractions and bus shuttle services. Each of these has different booking needs. The booking engine and booking steps meet the needs of every customer using the website.

The booking interface is clear and simple and the back-end admin is focused on the business owners needs.

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DateOctober 2012
ClientDestination Lauderdale
SkillsBooking Experts, Web Coding