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Custom website design

provided for free by Logic Replace



Logic Replace, a company that specializes in web development and related services, is providing NCFPI (National Community Fund for Philippine Islands) with their services, including web hosting and technical support, completely free of charge.

This generous gesture by Logic Replace is a testament to their commitment towards supporting the non-profit sector and helping organizations like NCFPI achieve their goals without worrying about the financial burden of website maintenance and support.

It is worth noting that Logic Replace’s services are of the highest quality, ensuring that NCFPI’s website is always up and running smoothly, allowing them to focus on their mission of serving the community.

We are proud to announce that the website has undergone a complete redesign! The original website, which was created in 2009, has been updated to better reflect the mission and vision of NCFPI. We want to ensure that visitors have a seamless experience while browsing through the site, and that they can easily find the information they need. We also offer a convenient way for those who are interested in supporting the cause to do so – you can find a PayPal donate button on every page of the website.


Design, Web Development, On-Site SEO, Mobile Website, Logo Design

NCFPI responsive website showing on different devices and showing that the website is mobile friendly.
PC Monitor showing NCFPI FAQ page.
NCFPI website showing on mobile at the very top of the page.
NCFPI website showing on mobile at the Gallery page.
NCFPI website showing on mobile with sub pages of the About us page.

Logic Replace is a heaven-sent to our Foundation! By creating and designing our website for the last 10 years, we were able to reach out to more patients needing our assistance as well as expand our network of prospective donors who are willing to help our cause. The team were also very accommodating and patient to all our requests and inputs for the website. We are grateful that Logic Replace chose us to offer their free services to. The smiles of our patients are partly because of the work that you do for NCFPI. More power!Double close quote in a testimonial of NCFPI

Van P. EnriquezExecutive Director, NCFPI