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Retail Staffing Solutions (RSS) offers comprehensive staffing support services to retailers across the United States. As part of its services, RSS maintains a website that serves as a portal for both retailers and staffers who work for retailers.

The website provides useful information and resources to both parties, including job postings, job applications, and other important industry news. Recently, RSS had to replace its old website due to the end of life notice for Adobe’s Business Catalyst, a hosted SaaS system. To ensure a smooth transition, all the information from Adobe BC was migrated to the new solution that utilizes standard web components.

In collaboration with Logic Replace, a web design and development company, RSS agreed on a new design for its website. The new website design features a modern and intuitive interface that offers an improved user experience for both retailers and staffers.

The site is now easier to navigate, and the information is better organized and presented. The updated design also includes new features that were not available on the old site, such as a more robust search function and an enhanced job application system.

Overall, the new website design for Retail Staffing Solutions is a significant improvement over the old one, providing a more efficient and user-friendly experience for both retailers and staffers.


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Retail Staffing Solutions responsive website showing on different devices and showing that the website is mobile friendly.
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Retail Staffing Solutions website showing home page on mobile.
Retail Staffing Solutions website showing register form page on mobile.
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