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Property website custom design

based in Scotland



Scotsquare, a leading jobs and property portal in Scotland, approached us with a unique requirement of having two separate portals built into a single website. Our team was tasked with creating a custom dual portal that would cater to the specific needs of Scotsquare.

However, at the onset of the project, all the requirements were not yet finalized. In order to ensure that all the detailed functions and features were taken into account, we created a wireframe that was reviewed and evaluated by both Scotsquare and Logic Replace.

Our team’s experience and creative ideas played a vital role in helping Scotsquare determine what they wanted. Through our strategic planning and technical expertise, we were able to develop a dual portal that met all the requirements of Scotsquare and provided an optimal user experience to their visitors. We are proud to have been a part of this project and to have delivered a solution that exceeded our client’s expectations.


Wireframe, Consultancy, Custom Development, Design, Project Management, On-Site SEO

Scotsquare responsive website showing on different devices and showing that the website is mobile friendly.
Desktop monitor showing Scotsquare job listing page.
Scotsquare website showing job listing page on mobile.
Scotsquare website showing specific job list page on mobile.
Scotsquare website filtering job list results on mobile.

Super happy with it though it looks amazing and the reporting on the back end looks superb. Double close quote in a testimonial of Scotsquare.