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Custom WordPress plug-in for

Family Law Specialists



The client had a specific request for their WordPress website – they wanted to enhance user experience by incorporating a video FAQ section while also displaying the most popular videos on the home page.

To meet this requirement, Logic Replace developed a custom video FAQ plugin for WordPress.

This tailored plugin not only facilitated the addition of videos to the FAQ section but also included a feature to generate a league table of the most viewed videos. This league table was then used to curate a smaller selection of videos to be showcased on the home page, effectively highlighting the most popular content.

This custom solution not only streamlined the process for the website owner but also improved user engagement by ensuring that only the most popular videos were prominently displayed. Notably, the functionality of the video league table was based on tracking unique site visitors, ensuring that the video count reflected unique viewership rather than the number of times a single visitor accessed a particular video.

In addition to this custom plugin development, Logic Replace also executed minor website redesign and layout tasks to further enhance the overall user experience.


Developed custom WordPress plug-in, Created a video FAQ, List popular videos on home page, Layout changes
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Family Law Specialist Home Screen
Home page screenshot showing video FAQ section - Family Law Specialist
Video FAQs page - Family Law Specialist

I would like to say thank you for all your help and hard work in the project you completed for The Family Law Specialists.

I was impressed by the quality of work and the suggestions you made which gave me confidence that you really understood the brief and our business.

I appreciated how you kept me informed during the project, and provided clear feedback.

In summary, the work done by you exceeded my expectations. You will definitely be my go to supplier from now on for all IT and web related work.Double close quote in a testimonial of Family Law Specialists.