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May 2019: Rentfromhome and Transax SafeID integration

We had a unique requirement from (RFH) a company in the USA that rents musical instruments to school children. They have a number of affiliates throughout the country who sign up buyers who are then charged monthly rentals by credit or debit cards The system that they suggested was to make their affiliates enter the customer and payment details on a paper form and then send this to RFH through the physical post. However, this would not work as they did not wish to hold the payment details on their website or send them through the post. The solution that we came up with was to create a new web page where the buyer/affiliate could enter the relevant card details. These were sent via the Transax Gateway to the RFH Transax Safe where they were stored. Transax created a Safe ID which was linked to the card details and sent back to the RFH website which issued a confirmation email to the affiliate and buyer.

When RFH needed to charge the card manually through a Virtual Terminal they simply entered the SafeID and this charged the card. This meant that RFH never had access to the card’s details and was therefore much more secure.

May 2019: Custom ecommerce website Tru-Seal Pads made live is a new online shop based in Florida, USA that sells pads, valve stem “felts” and top cap washers for woodwind and brass musical instruments. The challenge for Logic Replace with this project was to offer multiple variations of the products all of which had multiple discount matrices applied to them as well. Some products had up to 100 variation and price discount combinations. The payment gateway that we interfaced with is Transax hosted on an external server so no credit card details are entered or held on the Tru-Seal pads website.

Despite the complexity of the products and pricing the design of the site is simple, clean and modern which reflects the Tru-Seal brand.

February 2019: New eCommerce Website for Hammond Gower

Logic Replace designed and developed the new Hammond Gower website The new site integrates to a back-office system that was also developed by Logic Replace that facilitates a central product, ordering and print system. The website includes artificial intelligence (AI) to best select products that buyers will be interested in (Recommendation Engine). An API was developed so the site communicates directly with the factory for the production and processing of orders.

The project clearly shows that Logic Replace can create custom design websites and develop complex custom web solutions.

December 2018: and TeamUp integration is an events company based in Bury St. Edmunds that has created a large Assault Course which it uses to host Corporate Team Building Events, Birthday Parties, Hen and Stag Parties etc. Logic Replace was tasked with adding our bespoke booking engine to the website and integrating it with TeamUp, an online calendar for groups that they use to allocate staff to each booking.

This project demonstrated the flexibility of the Logic Replace bespoke booking system and the ease with which we can customise it to fit the individual requirements of our customers.

October 2018: OpenEdge Technology Partnership

Logic Replace LLC is now an official technology partner with OpenEdge. OpenEdge helps businesses succeed by delivering secure and personalized payment solutions. Logic Replace now works with OpenEdge to enable our customers to use creative global payment solutions for custom web applications.

Examples are secure payment autopay gateways integrated into applications we develop.

July 2018: New website for Dovetail Interiors

Dovetail Interiors is an Orlando Florida USA based Interior Design service provider, specializing in the short term rental market. Logic Replace previously developed a web-based tool that manages the initial design interactions between Dovetail and its customers.

We have now completed another project for Dovetail with the release of a brand new design and SEO friendly website and an ongoing SEO project:

May 2018: Diva Art Group Inventory Management Tool

Diva Art Group is a leading USA (Oregon) online art broker. Logic Replace has completed the development and delivery of an artwork management tool that is used to manage the sales processes for paintings, sculptures and other fine art.

March 2018: Stripe gateway and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We completed a swap-over from Paypal to Stripe for a number of our customers including Tom Duffy’s Circus based in Ireland. Logic Replace developed the custom booking system for Duffy’s and we have now updated the payment gateway to use Stripe. We also worked with Duffy’s to ensure the booking system fully meets GDPR compliance.

We are committed to helping all our customers to comply with GDPR ensuring our solutions deliver strong privacy and security protection.

January 2018: BBC iPlayer Download Tool

BBC iPlayer is an internet streaming, catchup, television and radio service from the BBC.

Logic Replace has developed and released a web-based custom tool that interfaces with the iPlayer system to record programmes allowing users to save them locally without any digital rights restrictions.

November 2017: R&D Tax Credits

We worked with an external consultant to help secure a research and development tax credit for a large project that we developed for one of our customers. Logic Replace created the detailed documents that described the unique bespoke developments that we performed for one of our customers – and to also show the business benefits of our development.

The tax credit exercise resulted in our customer successfully claiming our development fees as an HMRC tax credit.

November 2017: Veritas Instrument Rentals Store Kiosk

Veritas Instrument Rentals base in Florida took delivery of store kiosk solution developed by Logic Replace. The kiosk allows affiliates to interact with their customers and to use a simple user interface to facilitate the sales process.

The solution directly interfaces to the sales order system that was also developed by Logic Replace.

August 2017: Logic Replace creates Apex Hosting website

Apex Hosting is a leading UK web host that operates in north-west England. Logic Replace has completed the development of the Apex Hosting website that interfaces to the hosting provider’s back-end using WHMCS (Web hosting billing and automation platform).

July 2017: Remote File Interface for EFI Fiery Digital Print Servers

The EFI Fiery server is used by our UK customer Hammond Gower as part of their print production process. The Fiery API works with external remote servers but assumes the remote server will also send the file that requires printing. These files are large being in excess of 25 Mbytes each. Printing thousands of files a day would not be practical if the Fiery server needed to download every file from the external server. Logic Replace developed an extension to the Fiery API to allow an external web based server to send print jobs to the Fiery server without the need to also send very large files. We created a process so all print files are stored on the local Fiery servers. Then we created a new master control API that connects the remote server with custom software on the Fiery server.

The custom software on the Fiery server then interfaces with the existing Fiery API.

April 2017: Greetings Cards Production Tool

We completed a milestone for a web-based tool that manages the production of print files from TIFF images. The solution is part of a project for Hammond Gower that includes a template editor that defines the elements that will be printed.

The system manages the batch production of printable PDF files from source TIFF images, including annotation of text, barcode and pricing information all direct from a product database.

December 2016: Pall Mall Medical Intranet

Pall Mall Medical provide private healthcare in the North West of England. Logic Replace has started working with Pall Mall Medical to provide back-end system and server development up-grades for their internal private intranet.

August 2016: Online Exam System Developed for PDP Training

London based PDP Training is the leading provider of professional training courses in information management and compliance. Logic Replace has developed a custom online examination system for PDP. The system allows PDP to create on-line exams, allows delegates to take exams and have scores recorded.

The online solution includes specific requirements such as each exam having a time duration limit and the ability to resume in case of connection failure.

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