Bespoke Systems Integrations

Here are details of the different bespoke systems and integrations we have developed for clients

Social Media Integration

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In today’s competitive environment it is important to give your website as much exposure as possible. One of the best ways of doing this is Social Media Integration.

We recently launched a new website for Hammond Gower, who create and sell greeting cards online to trade and retail customers. As part of their drive to publicise the new site they wished to be able to publish a selection of their products to their Socal Media Accounts.

Their product details are not held on their website but in a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) that we have designed. This interfaces with all of their websites and also their production facility we have now managed to integrate it with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The administrator logs into the DAM and uses filters such as Product Category or Occasion (eg. Wedding or Birthday) to search for products. They then select which products they wish to send to the Social Media platforms. If they select multiple products they can choose to either send them all as one post or as individual posts and they can add a URL to link back to and any text that they want to show on the post. They can also choose which platforms they wish to post to ie. Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, they can send it to one, two or all three of them at one time.

The posts are then immediately visible on the relevant Hammond Gower’s social media accounts with links back to their website.

There are a number of benefits to this approach to Social Media Integration

1) You can make many posts at the same time

2) You can post to multiple platforms

3) There is a clear and consistent message across all of your social media platforms and website

4) You can leverage your existing social media profile to drive traffic to your site