Our Specialities

We have been developing web applications and technical solutions since 2007 and all our staff are from technical backgrounds.

Since 2007 we have worked on over 400 web development projects and therefore we have built up a wide range of technical expertise.

Web Applications

Logic Replace has been developing web applications since 2007 using PHP and MySQL, JavaScript, HTML5 and AJAX.

Booking Applications

Logic Replace has build large scale custom booking applications that are complex in terms of development scope and testing. We have an internal booking platform that we use to jump-start our booking projects.

Hosting and Domain Names

Logic Replace has its own servers located at a major UK data centre which we use for hosting our customer applications during development and also in many cases for live operation serving users globally.

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Plain English conversation is a promise. We will love to hear about your needs and give impartial advice.

UK London: 020 7193 8665

USA North Carolina: 727 483 7309

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