PPC Marketing Agency Position your site at the top

What We Do

We provide expert service provision for adverts in Google Ads, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Facebook and Linkedin.

Our PPC team will assess your business requirements and tailor a bespoke PPC campaign and provide on-going tuning and reporting.

Typically most PPC campaigns require daily and weekly monitoring and adjustments to make them work more to your benefit and in relation to your daily advert budget. The ongoing monitoring and adjustments are critical to the success of a PPC marketing campaign.

Our PPC team are looking forward to working with you to grow your business.

Managed Google Ads

Google Ads is by far the PPC channel with the most coverage. Running Google Ads can create a rapid return on investment if the campaign is set-up and managed effectively.

Google Ads Costs

It is possible to run Google Ads yourself. Google has many default settings to make it easy to use. The default settings are in many cases going to mean spending more with Google. Therefore using our services can reduce your spend on Google Ads and generate ROI improvements sooner.

Google Ads Grants

If you are a charity then you need to discover about Google’s “Adgrant”. Your charity could qualify for $10,000 worth of PPC adverts per month.

Our Experts Will Improve Your PPC Campaign Returns

PPC enables a near instant source of sales leads for your business. The adverts we create for your PPC campaign will reach potential clients that would never have found your business before. Our effective PPC process is based on us understanding your business from the very start.

PPC can be used with or without SEO and social media marketing. There are no negative aspects if they are all done at the same time or not.

The expert skills we have in PPC will allow us to deploy a PPC strategy that is aligned with your existing marketing activities.

We can create target keywords, write the copy for your Google ads, create landing pages, monitor sales conversions; all focused on helping your business get the best ROI.

From PPC to SEO and search engine marketing, we can deliver a bespoke marketing solution to your business for increased sales leads and profits.

How We Do It

Review PPC

If you have a PPC set-up we can review it and make recommendations for improvements. For new and existing PPC deployments we will review your business and generate keywords and Ad copy.


We work with you to determine what a visitor must do to become a conversion. Conversion Tracking is then added to your website so the PPC campaign can detect conversions.


It can get expensive if a PPC campaign is not optimized for a bidding strategy that matches your business needs with your daily budget. We can adjust the position of your adverts to meet your daily budget needs.


We can set-up re-marketing so people who have visited your site are reminded about your products and services using re-marketing adverts.


Affiliate Marketing can help drive new business with lower fixed costs. Affiliate marketing can be very effective for certain businesses. It can be used to drive targeted traffic to a company’s website in order to encourage sales leads or purchases.


Display advertising can be an amazing marking tool for financially savvy business owners.


Voice search in the home or on mobile devices is growing. The search words used for written searches compared to verbal searches are very different. Therefore keyword phrases now need to consider voice search in addition to written search phrases.


The Google Ad Grant is available to qualifying charities in UK.