Re-Marketing 100% accurate targeted adverts

Google Ads Re-Marketing

Google Ads has a service that can be set-up so you show Google display ads for people who have previously visited your website.

Your potential customers could be accessing the web for other reasons, for example on websites, Facebook, YouTube and they could be seeing your ads.

Re-marketing is a great way to automatically follow-up with potential customers to remind them about your offering and keep your products or services refreshed in their memory.

This automatic following up can improve your conversion rates and improve your sales leads or sales revenue.

What We Can Do For You


The process of the re-marketing ads showing is automatic but the prep-work beforehand is the secret source to ensure the re-marketing process is a success.

Once running we can let the ads show for a fixed period of time and like our PPC projects re-marketing does require daily monitoring and fine tuning along the way.


Re-marketing settings are very comprehensive, example we can target a person who visited a certain page on your site for say more than 2 minutes.

Then for social media we can focus the re-marketing to any gender, location or age group.


Our project managers will take care of your re-marketing in terms of setting-up and on-going fine tuning.

They could also involve our graphics designers to create eye catching banner adverts to enhance clicks and conversions.

Improve ROI

During the re-marketing we will periodically show the return on investment for your business from the deployment and make on-going adjustments to optimize the performance.