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What We Do

Logic Replace approaches SEO in a common sense way. First we ask our customers what outcomes are required and then we work to create a focused SEO plan that is bespoke to their business.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means making ethical changes to your website and to other sites to try to enhance the position of your business in search engine results.

SEO is changing all the time, example every year Google makes over 500 updates that impact how websites show in search results.

We understand the underlying principles that Google recommends to get improved ranking for any website. We are constantly testing new methods to stay ahead of the field for our customers.

Regional SEO

If your business is focused in a region or city then it is essential that your SEO campaign is aligned with your local business strategy. Ask us about regional SEO campaigns.

International SEO

A national or international SEO strategy ensures your business and brand is seen across the whole country and beyond. We have over 10 years experience and will place your brand in higher search results positions in the countries that matter to your business.

eCommerce SEO

SEO focused on selling online products and services is all about driving visitors to your site so your site can convert and generate new sales. We can help you get customers viewing your products and be ready to buy.

We Understand Your Business

For us to get the best from an SEO campaign we need to spend time to understand your business and operations. Part of this process means our customers must also work with us to explain what is important and critical.

A basic foundation of SEO is keyword research. We work with our customers to select the most important keywords that relate to potential customers searching for a business or products and services.

Ethical and Creative

Our SEO services are 100% ethical, we provide expert advice to optimize your website, acquire high quality links, and grow sales through high organic search rankings.

Also known as white hat SEO, our approach is based on the principle of following the guidelines set by Google.

Reports & Regular Communication

We maintain open and honest communication with you on all aspects of your SEO. We will only employ best practice SEO that follows Google’s strict guidelines. As we progress we will generate easy to understand reports that show how your approved keywords are ranking.


We provide every customer with an in-depth audit of their website in order to determine where improvements can be made to your SEO strategy. Changes are then assigned to tune the website to ensure any “on-site” improvements are accomplished.


It is important to understand who your SEO competitors are and to track your site’s progress against them. Your SEO ranking is relative to those whom you’re competing against. Understanding your competitors SEO strategy will ensure you’re always a step ahead.


Based on many years working on SEO, our team has access to ethical sites that can provide links to your site that will help improve your site’s position in search engine results.


After the SEO audit, our technical experts will focus on making the required on-site changes that will help to improve your site’s position in search results.


An in depth understanding of your business enables us to write content that will engage readers to really appreciate the unique aspects of your business. The content we create also incorporates the approved keywords from the SEO strategy.


Our services also includes creating copy for content that is external to your website, such as blogs, newsletters, articles and press releases.


Voice search in the home or on mobile devices is growing. The search words used for written searches compared to verbal searches are very different. Therefore keyword phrases now need to consider voice search in addition to written search phrases.


SEO needs, in most cases, a significant period of time to show benefits. It is not a quick fix and must be considered as constant requirement for any website that wants to use organic search for generating leads and sales. The sooner SEO is started the better.

Why Invest in SEO?

Increase Visibility

Most people searching for a product will only focus on the first few pages of search results. SEO enables your business to be visible on the initial search results pages.

Increase Sales

Higher positions in search results will help generate more sales leads and help to increase revenue streams.

More Customers

Our SEO services will generate more business from your website. Get in contact so we can start helping you with our online marketing services for SEO.