Social Media Marketing we utilize social media

Why Social Media Marketing Matters

Social media marketing is now part of the norm alongside web design and development and SEO.

Social media marketing ideally needs to be integrated into a new site’s design from the start. Existing sites can be modified to facilitate this marketing approach.

When your new website is completed then the social media marketing can commence. Or for existing sites they can be adjusted as a starting point.

Our marketing team will assess the optimum social media marketing strategy based on your target audience.

Your reputation is managed by ensuring when your brand is discussed then you will be notified and you can contribute to the discussions.

Bespoke Marketing

There is no one size fits all in social media marketing. Our solutions are created to meet your unique needs and your business objectives.

Social Audit

We first perform a social audit and look at how your business stands in the social media world now, how your website interacts to social media and what your competitors are doing.

Social Media Plan

Our team will then propose a clear social media marketing plan with tasks to be done. The plan will have clear aims in relation to your business in terms of social media interactions and content sharing.

Executing the Plan

We will perform the plan’s tasks to meet each milestone ensuring we are meeting the plan’s objectives.


As ever we will generate periodic reports showing performance vs the objectives. As we progress we will recommend changes to optimize performance.


Our team will review performance of the plan and make adjustments to fine tune the implementation.

How Social Media Can Help Your Business

Having an effective social media campaign can influence the position of your website in search results. Google rankings in part look at the relative effectiveness of a website’s social impact. Therefore social media marketing has a positive knock-on effect for SEO.

Direct Feedback From Customers

With social media a business needs to accept that customers will be let their views and ideas be known to the world. A business should be willing to engage with these customers taking feedback as a positive and suggestions as a business opportunity for change.

Customers As Content Authors

Social media can allow your customers or reviewers to submit content on social media. For any business, relevant on-topic content is generally a very positive asset. Getting customers to provide feedback on social media is like having a team of authors writing content about your business. This additional content can help attract new customers for your business.

Special Deals Only On Social Media

Offering a discount on social media can have a viral effect as people share the deal with others. Using tracking tools such as Facebook’s event tracking it is possible to measure the effectiveness of these social media discounts.

Interact As A Human

Many businesses can appear remote and too corporate. Social media breaks down these barriers and connects customers with real people in your business. This direct approach makes your business more approachable and engaging for customers.

Is Social Media Marketing Important?

Yes it is and the first step is to identify the channels that are critical for your business, we can then create a plan for each channel.

If your customers or potential customers are using social media then engaging with them could impact the sales and profits for your business. As an initial first step we need to assess if using social media marketing will reach your target audience.

Discussions on social media can help to build trust in your products and services and encourage new customers to purchase your products.