System & Website Maintenance & Support

Support Packages

We offer tailormade support and maintenance packages.

The investment in a website does not stop when the site has been developed, backups need to be taken, security updates need to be applied to make sure that your site is secure, plug-ins need to be updated, new email accounts need to be created etc.

Of course, you can do all of this in-house but it takes time and expense to train someone up and then when they move on you have to repeat the process. Why not let our team of experienced professionals look after your website maintenance and let you get on with running your business?

Our Support & Maintenance Services

Legacy Support

If you have an older legacy website or back-end, either standard CMS or custom then our team can help. Or has your web developer let you down and you need a rescue package, we can help. Our team are quick to learn and can review and get up to speed quickly and start resolving issues and making changes for you.

Email Support

When someone joins or leaves your company we can setup their accounts. We can setup auto-responders and re-directs and on those frustrating occasions when you cannot send or receive emails we can deal with the problem for you.

Website Hosting

Whether we developed your website or not we can provide a shared server, virtual private server or a dedicated server to host it on. We can also provide SSL Certificates and Security Packages. For more details about our webhosting click here (link to web hosting page).


From time to time no matter how careful you are disaster strikes – the server might crash, the site might be hacked so it is important to have a backup to recover the site from. We can backup your site on a schedule to suit your needs eg. Daily, weekly or monthly.

Security Updates

Security is one of the main issues affecting websites today. We can manage your servers firewall, install software to prevent hacking attempts and install software to prevent malware attacks. If you fold any customer data on your sites you really need to keep security up-to-date.

Software Updates

Most websites are written using programming languages or Content Management Systems like WordPress. These are updated from time to time to increase functionality and security. We can upgrade your site to make sure that they are always using the latest software release.

Plugin Updates

Many websites rely on plugins for extra functionality eg. eCommerce or Payment Gateways these are regularly updated. We will test these plugins and only upgrade them when we are certain that they are compatible with your website and will not cause any problems.


We can monitor your website to make sure that it is loading quickly which is important for search engine rankings. We can make sure that there is no redundant code, that all images are compressed correctly and the site is running efficiently.

We can also support your website in other ways by providing web design and programming services. A website is not a static entity, it should change and evolve as your business does. We have the skills and experience to make these changes for you whether it be coding additional functionality or adding new content to improve your SEO. To help your budget you can add an agreed number of programming hours per month to your support package.

Of course a website is of little use unless it receives visitors so we can also help you with SEO, Pay Per Click campaigns and content creation. We can make sure that your site is correctly indexed by the search engines and monitor its performance 24 x 7.

We are happy to support any website on any platform so whatever your needs we can help you. We like to build long term relationships with our clients and like to be looked upon as your out-sourced IT department, working with you to grow your business.

Why not contact us today so that we can discuss how we can help your website succeed ?