Voice Search Marketing the current trend with voice devices

Voice Search Is Ubiquitous

Smartphones are ubiquitous and as they allow voice search that means voice can be used by anyone and typically 50% of smartphone users use voice search.

Google is predicting that text based search will be overtaken by voice search by 2020 with 50% of searches performed by voice.

Keyboard Search vs Voice Search

Search Phrases

There are significant differences in how we search when typing compared to when we speak. Both queries are sent to the same search engine such as Google.

Word Count

When typing you can type about 40 words a minute but when talking you can speak about 110 words a minute. Therefore voice search tends to have longer queries than text searches.

Words Used

When speaking we use natural language and tend to ask questions such as “How often should you replace your running shoes?”

Voice Search Optimization

SEO is all about keyword research and has been focused on typed search for many years.

For voice search optimization we need to now consider the natural language conversational style as an input to search engines.

Your website needs content that caters for both short text search and longer phrases from voice search.

Copy on your website needs to follow more conversational structures so people searching using voice will find the content on your pages.

Voice Search Optimization Advantages


Google, Siri & Alexa are the main devices on the market and your voice search optimization will ensure uses of the devices will respond to all of them.


Visitors are looking for an answer as quickly as possible. When they land on your site it needs to cater for their needs instantly to avoid them bouncing away.


As most visitors will be using smartphone your pages that they see most be optimized for smartphone devices.


A voice search user will expect to get some results or an answer and the answer could be a list, a summary or snippet of a service, etc. It is important for voice search success that the correct voice search marketing and optimization is performed.


Our voice optimization staff will create a voice plan that lists all the possible voice search phrases based on research, what visitors are looking for and how your website can supply their demand.


Finding the phrases that will be spoken enables us to determine the content that visitors will speak and allows us to directly map the phrases to content elements on your website.


We need to ensure your Google profile is optimized for voice. Google My Business has settings for smartphones to access location and respond to searches that are locally based.


Get an edge on your competitors by gaining a voice search advantage and grow your market share.