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Our Hosting Services

Website Hosting

Every website needs hosting to make it available on the internet. The hosting can be on a shared server, a virtual private server or a dedicated server. We can help you decide the best hosting server type for your business.

Domain Names

These are the names you enter to view a website, like is a domain name. We can provide domain names for your website.

SSL Certificates

These are used to encrypt the connection between a web browser and your website, we recommend all websites have an SSL certificate and we can provide them for you.

Website Back-up

We offer an off site back up service so your data and files are stored every day, week or month to a back-up server in a different location.

Website Reliability

Our servers are located in a data center that has back-up power and diverse internet connections. Most servers have dual disk drives and so the hardware is very reliable.

Website Security

All sites we host include a firewall and account hacking prevention. We also monitor sites for malware daily.

Fast Loading Website

Our servers are all connected to the internet with high bandwidth connections so your website’s pages will load very quickly.

24/7 Hosting

Our hosting support operates 24 hours a day and our systems check our servers every 5 to 10 minutes and alert us if there are any failures.

Control Panels

We can provide all our customers a control panel access so you can download all your files and databases. So if you need to move to another provider in the future then you can.