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Our Website Design Process

Step 1 Identify Business Needs
As a leading website design agency that has been operating since 2007, we are in an excellent position to fully understand the business needs for your website and how it fits in with your operations.

Step 2 Identify Target Audience
Who are your potential customers or your target audience, where are they located, what kind of devices will they be using. Where will they be coming from on the internet to your site?

Step 3 Segment Products/Services
How will your new website design segment your services and products? Are they all aligned with your business needs and target audience.

Step 4 Decide on Calls to Action & Conversions
This is about deciding what you want your visitors to do when they arrive on your site. How do we define a conversion? What pages need to have a call to action to encourage the visitor to act.

Step 5 Website Design 
Working with you we use graphic design and branding to create the look and feel for the website using mock-ups so you can see how pages will appear. Your feedback is critical for this stage of the website’s design.

Step 6 Web Page Structure 
We define all the pages required for the website and generate a content aim for each page and can also help with an SEO plan.

Step 7 Content Creation
Our authors or you can create the content for the website.

Step 8 Development 
The web developers in our team can then work on creating the website.

Step 9 Testing
The website is tested in multiple browsers and to ensure the whole website is fully working.

Website Tools

LR uses a custom back-end for rapid custom website developments and ease of use by you.

Other platforms we work with include WordPress, Magento and Joomla.

Website Design

First impressions count. Many times your website is the very first impression your business shows to potential customers.

The impression has to be spot on to ensure your visitors are interested and not put off.

Web Design ROI

A custom-designed website can therefore be seen as an investment in terms of the overall impression that is provided to initial visitors.

Website design is one of the offerings from Logic Replace. Other services from Logic Replace like SEO and Social Media Marketing also need to be considered.