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Design Examples

Below are examples of custom design and developments we are working on.

Dovetail Interiors


Dovetail has been our customer for approx 2 years. We designed and developed the site for them. We also developed some back-end tools for managing clients projects. The company is run by a British couple in Florida.

Retail Staffing Solutions


This site is now live. It has some simple forms and back end. We developed a custom CRM for them.

Hammond Gower


Hammond Gower has been our customer for 3 years. We developed a system for print production in their factory and this new site is gets all its products from a central product database that is on a separate server. The product data is stored in one place and is used for print and order management and for use by separate websites.

The Playground UK


We did not create the website but we created the booking bar that is on the home page. The booking system is custom built and has its own admin on the same server as the website. Customers making a booking assume the booking process is part of the site. We created a booking rules manager and the back-end has availability calendar etc.

The system also interfaces via an API to TeamUp a staff rota system, so bookings appear automatically in their TeamUp account.

Chica Locca Tours


This is a brand new customer. We did not create the site or anything you can see here! But we are working on a custom booking solution for them and it includes integration to Viator (Tripadvisor) to allow customers to book on those platforms and check availability and place bookings in the new system we are developing.

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