Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation Phils., Inc. (NCFPI)

Logic Replace provides its services, web hosting and support to NCFPI 100% free of charge.

We have now totally redesigned the website. We created the original site in 2009 and the current site better reflects what NCFPI is aiming to achieve If you are interested to help this excellent cause, there is s PayPal donate button on every page.

What We Did

Design, Web Development, On-Site SEO, Mobile Website, Logo Design


Logic Replace is a heaven-sent to our Foundation! By creating and designing our website for the last 10 years, we were able to reach out to more patients needing our assistance as well as expand our network of prospective donors who are willing to help our cause. The team were also very accommodating and patient to all our requests and inputs for the website. We are grateful that Logic Replace chose us to offer their free services to. The smiles of our patients are partly because of the work that you do for NCFPI. More power!

Van P. Enriquez, Executive Director, NCFPI