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Pall Mall Medical is a leading provider of exceptional private healthcare services in the North West of England. Their team of highly qualified medical professionals and specialists are dedicated to providing top-quality care and support to our patients. They offer a wide range of services including consultations, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and aftercare. With state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, they ensure that their patients receive the best possible care, tailored to their individual needs.

Logic Replace, a highly skilled web firm with a strong focus on web software development and system upgrades, has recently forged a partnership with Pall Mall Medical, a leading provider of comprehensive private healthcare services. In this exciting collaboration, Logic Replace will be leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience to enhance the back-end system and servers of Pall Mall Medical’s internal private intranet.

These ongoing upgrades are expected to result in discernible improvements in the organization’s internal processes, including enhanced efficiency and performance. Ultimately, this will translate into higher levels of patient care and satisfaction, as Pall Mall Medical continues to position itself as a premier provider of healthcare services in the industry.


Project Management, Custom Development

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Logic Replace took over the on-going maintenance and change updates for the Pall Mall private network. The challenge for us was to fully understand the existing custom solution that was not developed by Logic Replace. We worked with Pall Mall to understand changes required and then set about to understand that part of the large system, then implemented the changes and tested and made the changes live. Double close quote in a testimonial of Pall Mall Medical.