Bespoke Web Development Custom Web Software Development

Custom Web Software Development

Logic Replace has always been focused on bespoke web development. Our team are very experienced and we can create innovative and creative solutions that will help your business.

For new projects we always like to understand the business reasons for the solution. If there are commercially available solutions that already provide a viable solution for now and in the future then we will always recommend them as the best option – assuming we are aware of one of course.

For custom development we provide a spectrum of services, and critical success factors for our service are listed below.

Web Applications

Web applications are software solutions that are used with a web browser. Typically these are secure private web applications that our customers connect to using an internet or intranet connection.

We have special experience in developing web application that are database driven with easy to use interfaces.

Project Management

Our project managers are our “secret source” that make a project really deliver a viable solution on time. Our project managers can speak two languages, the language our customers understand and our developers technical language.

The ability of our PMs to work on each side means they can translate your needs into detailed technical tasks that our developers understand.

This process not only saves you time but enhances the overall quality of the custom software we develop for you.


Our other critical success factor is testing and more testing. We breakdown functions into small tasks and our developers and project manager check each one; only progressing to the next task when the current task is fully working.

The developed system is further beta tested as a whole.

Scope of Bespoke Web Development

Logic Replace has extensive exposure across many custom development projects, these include:

  • Complex bespoke web developments
  • Database driven back-end solutions
  • Salvage project service

The salvage project service is something we have provided for new and existing customers. In this salvage situation for example your developer has disappeared or is providing slow service or some other issue. We can take over the project and manage to get the system back on track for you.