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Custom Ai and machine learning

Business solutions

Custom AI Development

Logic Replace offers an end-to-end AI development solution to improve your business operations.

Our solution has a logical approach. We first need to fully understand either an existing process or understand how that process needs to change or what new strategy is required.

We then work with you and guide you through the AI development steps.

Our AI development process is designed to be efficient and to provide clarity. Each project is different; below is a generic overview of an AI development project.

Custom AI Development Image

Business Analysis

We first need to understand the problem that needs solving fully. We do this by spending time with our customers to get under the skin of the issues and to determine where AI will provide a business benefit.

Our analysis will gauge the return on investment that AI can generate. This project stage can be undertaken as an initial step without further commitment.

This stage will clearly define the scope of the AI environment, what rewards and penalties the AI solution needs to encounter, and identify the required data sources.

We will also determine the external interfaces required to enable an AI model to work in the real world.


Using the deliverable from the analysis, our team will create dynamic equations to allow an AI solution to be constructed.

These equations require careful creation to ensure all the requirements will be met. The equations will be tested internally to ensure there are no variances in the scope of the AI environment,

Development and Data Gathering

The equations are then converted to software using Python programming language and using test data. Translating the equations to Python is done and tested for each step.

The interfaces to the source data can then be developed, or the data gathered so that complete AI model testing can start.

Model Training

The model is set to start training with the equations coded and the source data in position. As the training progresses, we continue testing to ensure the original scope Is on target.

Interfaces Development

We develop interfaces to any data source or where results must be placed. User interfaces for interacting with the AI model are constructed to make the AI live in an actual business application.

Testing, Deployment & Support

Complete system testing and feedback are performed, and the solution is deployed to be in live operation when approved. Our team are then available for ongoing support and change requests.