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Gridworks is a subsidiary of the UK government that focuses on investing in the energy infrastructure of African countries. Its primary goal is to provide sustainable and reliable energy solutions to the people of Africa, thereby improving their quality of life and boosting economic growth in the region. With a team of experts and a mission to make a positive impact, Gridworks is committed to delivering long-term benefits to the African continent through its energy investments.

Gridworks, a company that specializes in infrastructure development, was in need of a new custom website that could showcase their ongoing projects in Africa in a stunning and informative manner. The website had to be bilingual, with both English and French language options, so that the company’s clients and stakeholders from across the globe could access the information easily.

The aim was to create an engaging and user-friendly platform that would reflect Gridworks’ commitment to delivering high-quality and sustainable infrastructure solutions in the African continent.

Logic Replace collaborated with Gridworks to enhance their branding and devise a comprehensive strategy and website structure that would perfectly reflect their unique identity. Following this, we created a stunning custom website design that features captivating videos and awe-inspiring images, showcasing the remarkable work done by Gridworks in Africa.

The website that has been tailored to meet the specific needs of Gridworks projects has now become a crucial means of communication for both investors and energy providers. It acts as a vital platform that enables them to stay updated on the latest developments and make informed decisions accordingly.


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Gridworks worked with Paul and his team at Logic Replace to design, develop and build our new website. LR provided a quick and responsive service that answered all our questions and challenges. They were patient and clear communicators and brought an impressive amount of expertise and knowledge to the project.   Double close quote in a testimonial of Gridworks Partners.

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