eCommerce Courier Integration

eCommerce Courier Integration Image

One of the major challenges facing online retailers is shipping. Most couriers require eCommerce companies to use their proprietary labels on shipments, this usually means re-keying data and designing and carrying out complex manual processes to marry up orders, delivery notes and labels or ecommerce courier integration.Besides streamlining business processes there are other advantages to integrating your website with your couriers’ systems.

1) Real-time shipping costs – you can show the actual shipping costs to your customers in real-time when they are making a purchase

2) Cost Savings – if you integrate with more than one courier you can make sure that you will always be getting the best available rate.

Integrating with external systems poses several challenges so it is important when considering eCommerce courier integration that you choose a developer who has experience in this area. Logic Replace has a team of analysts and developers who can understand the client’s requirements, research the API supplied by the courier and design and implement an elegant solution for a realistic price.

An example of our work in this area is the project that we carried out for They rent musical instruments to school children throughout the USA. As such reliable and affordable shipping is vital to their business. They decided to partner with FedEx as their courier and fully integrate FedEx’s systems with their own website.

As Logic Replace had designed their website RFH asked us to take care of the integration. After studying the FedEx API we came up with a solution that allows the end-user to select the service that they require eg. Next Day Delivery, 3 Day Delivery etc. and depending on variables such as the weight and dimensions of the package (which the system automatically calculates) and the delivery address the website calculates the cost of shipping.

RFH can setup parameters within the Admin to override the FedEx shipping costs where appropriate but still pass the details of the shipment to FedEx so they will carry out the delivery. For all shipments FedEx passes tracking details back to the website.

Please contact us for more details about how we can help with your eCommerce courier integration.