Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration Image

We have produced websites using a variety of software platforms and for customers in many different countries. Each customer, platform and country has different requirements when it comes to payment gateway integration.With the plethora of solutions available for taking online payments we have experience of integrating most of gateways with our sites. We are also able to offer advice as to which payment gateway or processor would be most appropriate for a given project.

The payment gateways that we have integrated into our client’s websites are :-


There are a number of things to consider when selecting a payment gateway :-

1) Security – it is absolutely critical that your gateway is secure, but more importantly has a reputation for being secure. Customers will not hand over financial data if there is any doubt.

2) Cost – payment gateways are businesses and so charge for their services. Most charge a commission, some charge setup fees and/or monthly fees, others have different policies on refunds etc. It is important to do your research or deal with a web development company that has experience in integrating payment gateways.

3) Which Payment Methods are Accepted – Most payment gateways take all of the major credit and debit cards, but this might not always be the case depending on other factors such as location. Once again it is important to check that yoru gateway takes the cards that you require.

4) Compatibility – you need to make sure that the payment gateway is compatible with the software platform you are using. Many have out of the box plug-in solutions which work easily with platforms like WordPress, but if your site is more complicated you will need a developer like us which has experience with payment gateway integration using APIs.

5) Payment Location – some payment gateways route the customer to their own or third party sites, others allow the payment to be made through the website. The former may create slightly more friction but customers might be more willing to enter their details on a well known gateway site. There are also data protection issues to bear in mind.

The bottom line is that choosing a Payment Gateway to integrate into your site is a trade-off between, functionality and cost. The choice is not straightforward and it is always best to discuss the issues with experienced experts.