SSP Health Support

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Logic Replace recently took full responsibility for development support of the website and extranet for SSP Health which is the largest provider of primary GP health care services in the North West of England.

The website is client-facing and allows patients to register with doctor’s practices, amend their details and gives information on surgery opening times etc.

The extranet is a custom developed complex internal administration system for the business where they log appointments, GP hours, monitor procurement and create internal business reports.

Although Logic Replace did not develop either of these systems we have been entrusted with their continued support, maintenance and development.

Many companies get trapped into expensive support agreements with the developer that has created their custom solution, believing that no one else would be able to understand their website’s complexities.

At Logic Replace we offer an alternative; not only have our developers got many years of experience in the leading online technologies, but they have also created bespoke solutions for many customers in a wide variety of industries. Therefore Logic Replace has the knowledge and experience to take on support for all types of websites and custom systems.

As technology moves forward, old versions of software become obsolete or are shown to have security failings, this does not mean that your site needs to be replaced.

We are experts in upgrading websites and solutions to run on the latest software and hardware. For SSP Health we are upgrading their infrastructure to improve the resilience of the business and make the Website and Extranet easier to support which in turn lowers the cost to them.