Click and Collect Update

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What is click and collect?

Click and collect is a shipping option offered to online buyers. Instead of having the purchased goods delivered to the buyers address the items can be shipped to a pre-defined location.

The buyer can then visit the location to collect the order.

Click and collect can offer your customers a convenient click & collect option when they shop online, whether that’s a UPS Access Pointâ„¢ in the continental United States or one of 4,000 locations in the UK.

Why use click and collect?

Providing customers with collection options at checkout isn’t just convenient: customers who choose a secure delivery option add higher-value items to their cart, spend more per transaction and are more likely to convert.

e-commerce site owners can also save on costs by reducing failed and missed deliveries. The solution is also a carbon-friendly delivery option.

Increase your average transaction values on Click & Collect orders.

How does click and collect work and more benefits?

Logic Replace is using the HubBox gateway solution for its customers’ sites. HubBox is a gateway to thousands of delivery access points in the United States and the United Kingdom. At checkout, buyers are offered a click and collect option. They then enter a location postcode or zip code and select an access point on a map.

The shipping fee to the access point using USP is added to the order. The seller and buyer are provided with all the required delivery information and labels for the physical shipping to take place.

  • Our integration enables Click & Collect to collect points and stores
  • Compatible with all ecommerce platforms and checkout variants as well as custom e-commerce sites
  • Reduce delivery costs by avoiding missed deliveries and residential surcharges
  • Demonstrated to drive increased uptake rates

How is Logic Replace using click and collect?

We are integrating click and collect into our own customer’s sites allowing our customers to improve the quality of service they provide and enhance sales.

If you are interested in Logic Replace integrating HubBox into your e-commerce site then please get in contact with us.