Inventory Custom Development

Inventory Management

What does Stripe, Royal Mail and a warehouse fulfilment centre all have in common?

They are all integrated using the latest custom development by Logic Replace.

Our Latest Custom Web-Based Development – Inventory Management

One of our clients has an existing Stripe ecommerce website that takes orders for rental items. Previously the client had to manually extract orders and send them to the warehouse for fulfillment to the customer.

Aside from the cumbersome nature of manually processing the orders, the website owner was never sure what the stock levels would be at any given time.
The products are shipping to customers using Royal Mail and customers return the items for replacements every couple of months.

What We Did

Logic Replace developed a custom secure web-based order and inventory management system that sits in the middle and it automated the integration between Shopify, warehouse and Royal Mail.

Now when orders arrive on the Shopify website the new Logic Replace (LR) system knows about the Shopify new orders right away. The new LR system passes the order automatically to the warehouse.

The warehouse then sends the LR system a list of all serial numbers of items that will be shipped to the customer.
The LR system then manages the overall inventory for the business so the business owner can see stock levels and where every item currently is.

More importantly, the new LR system automatically updates the stock count for the products on the Shopify store in real-time.
When a customer returns the items for replacement the new LR system is alerted as soon as they are sent by the customer.

The new LR system then tells the warehouse to ship out the next replacement batch to the customer, thereby minimizing any delays.


This complex secure custom web-based solution was developed for a Logic Replace customer to enhance and automate inventory and order management and to provide custom business reports.

This new custom LR system is also an example of the type of project Logic Replace does exceedingly well.

If you require integration with your Shopify store, management for your inventory, or interface with Royal Mail then please contact us to discuss your requirements.