eCommerce & Back-Office

Back Office eCommerce

Logic Replace develops eCommerce websites and extends the website directly into the heart of our customers business.
For most, an ecommerce website on its own means manual effort is needed to process orders.
An ecommerce website that works with our custom back-office web solutions means your business saves time, boosts productivity, saves costs and gives management reporting for the whole business.

Below are examples of the eCommerce sites and fully integrated back-office solutions we have created for some of our customers.

Customer eCommerce Website Custom Development Linked from eCommerce website

Hammond Gower

Greeting card ecommerce website

Separate retail and trade pricing

AI suggests related products

Rapid add to cart for trade buyers to save time

Complex custom shipping rates implemented.

Stripe/Paypal gateway

Orders sent direct to Digital asset system

Digital asset manager (DAM) gets orders from the website

DAM generates print jobs for printing greeting cards for orders

DAM interfaces with field sales agents

DAM generates high-quality print templates for greetings cards

Product database feeds website

Business reporting

Rent From Home (Veritas Inc)

Instrument rental eCommerce website for schools

Calculates the renters monthly rental fees

Allows renter to select an access point for UPS delivery

Payment processing with Transax

Integrated historical fraud blacklist

Links orders with local music shop affiliates

Sends orders direct to affiliates for fulfilment.

Affiliate system for affiliates to see and process orders

Instrument repair tracking system

On-line training and testing system for affiliates.

Mass email system for email marketing

Ticket system for affiliates to message with Rent From Home


Baby clothing rentals eCommerce website

Processes rental orders

Orders are passed to the inventory management system

Inventory management system (IMS) gets orders from the website

Orders are passed to 3rd party warehouse

Warehouse tells IMS the serial numbers for items shipped to the customer

IMS managed the stock levels and updates products on the website based on available stock

IMS tracks Royal Mail customer returns and initiates replacement clothing pack when the baby has grown bigger

Detailed management reporting for sales, inventory, ROI etc

SSP Health / NHS

Primary care provider with 35 GP practices in North West England

Website and sub-websites for every practice

Processing of confidential patient booking forms

Connected with the back-office Extranet

Back office secure Extranet used by every member of staff

Processes supplier orders and invoices

Order tracking system

Suppliers management

HR management system

If you are interested in a great looking eCommerce site that integrates all your business processes for you back-office then please get in contact with us.