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Google Reviews: What they are and how to get more.

When looking at search results in Google, over on the right side you will notice for the selected business that customers have added reviews.

Here at Logic Replace, one question we are asked many times is how do my customers add Google Reviews and how can we get more of them.

Before anyone can submit a review, your business needs to have a claimed and verified “Google My Business” account.

Have you already claimed and verified your “Google My Business” account?

Sometimes Google will add your business to the right of the search results, and you will see a question “Own this business?”. If you do then you can click the link and claim your account with Google.

If you do not see the above then here is what needs to be done:

  • Set up a new Google Account. …
  • Head to …
  • Enter your business name. …
  • Enter the address of the business location. …
  • Specify service areas (Service Area Businesses only). …
  • Choose your business category. …
  • Add a contact phone number and website URL

You would need to have control of the above, then to get reviews, here are some suggestions:

1) On your website you would need to ask customers to leave a review. Perhaps this could be a question at the end of purchase or after they have used your service.

2) You might want to explain to your customers how they can leave a review.

The steps required to leave a review are too long to explain.

There is a shortcut using your Google Place ID (can get this from Google Maps). In Google maps

The process to get a url you can give to your customer to leave a review are described here:

The generated url address can be in a button for example.

3) If you have paper-based media (letterheads, business cards, prescriptions etc) then you can arrange a shortened url from part 2) using so people can manually type it.

4) If you still have customers visiting you could hand out a review card, asking how was your visit (or this could be an email that is sent out after a remote consultation).

5) Could start an email campaign to mailshot existing customers requesting to leave a review, telling them they might be helping others etc.

6) You could personally ask for reviews when chatting with a customer.

7) You could add the request for reviews link on your website. Perhaps in the footer – asking – “give us a review” or “drop us a review”. Using the Google Place ID using in 2).

8) You could include a Google review link in all your email signatures.

When the reviews start coming in you could have a reviews page on your website that shows your best Google reviews each with the number of stars.

It’s generally a good idea to always respond to every review, positive or negative. People will read your responses to review and a professional and fair response gives a good impression.